Coffee Peeler and Polisher

Nandhi Technologies Peeler and Polisher for treating dry parchment of any kind. Its special feature is the gentle yet complete "blunt hulling" ability, effected by the fluted broad hulli and completed by friction under pressure of the coffee inside the cylinder. In this manner the much appreciated polishing effect is achieved.


The cylinder is made of cast iron. The top and bottom of liners in the machine is grooved by moulding and are embedded in the casing of the cylinder. The sides of the machine are made of steel and, unlike cast iron, will not fracture. The shafts are pivoted on precision ball bearings. The hulling shaft is operated by an electric motor and a multiple-grooved V-belt drive. The ventilator is run by its own directly coupled motor. Driving elements for operating by internal-combustion engines or by transmission are available.

In addition to the standard model, the machine is also available in a special version for polishing hulled coffee, with cylinder and cheeks made of phosphorous bronze and brass screens. This special method of polishing brings forth.

The air-flow of a powerful ventilator allows for the perfect separation of peels, husks, skins, and dust inside the amply-dimensioned aspiration casing. This ventilator also blows out any particle of peels that drop through the screens and transports the husks - even over long distances. The pressure of the air-flow in the exhaust pipe can be increased by a supplementary air inlet if the pipe is too long or if it has many bends. Different capacity of Peeler and Polishers are supplied according to customer requirements.



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