Coffee Huller

Nandhi Coffee Hullers are extremely efficient in hulling both parchment and dry cherry coffee. Reduced friction between beans prevents generation of dust and results in minimum loss of good product due to breakage of the beans. Coffee is fed through the hulling cylinder. The hulling takes place between the hulling blade and blade fitted in the cylinder. Blower is provided to separate the husk and peels from the coffee beans.


Swing down doors allow quick and easy access to the hulling cylinders for cleaning or replacement of blades and perforated screen. Individual motors attached to the Huller, Aspirator and Oscillating screen ensures constant speeds resulting in optimal and smooth performance. Different capacity of Hullers are supplied according to customer requirements.


Efficient : Higher output with lower power consumption.
Less wastage :No loss due to generation of coffee dust or breakage of beans.
Durable : Four times reversible wear resistant hulling blades provided.
Easy maintenance :Quick change of hulling blades and perforated screens possible.
Reliable :Individual motor drives provided for trouble free performance.

Note : Machine specifications subject to change due to innovations in design.


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