Color Sorter

Nandhi Color Sorter is a versatile multi-purpose color sorting machine like grain color sorter, rice color sorter that gives you better efficiency and greater sorting accuracy.



  • Microprocessor Based : Microprocessor based Roller Feed Machine.
  • Three Way Scanning : Multi-mode scanning enables all round viewing of coffee beans or other grains resulting in better quality of accepted & rejected product.
  • Hybrid Signal Conditioning : This allows ultra fast and reliable signal processing.
  • Auto Nulling : Automatic adjustment against varying light intensity and background changes.
  • Memory :All operating data is stored in non-volatile "NV PROM" for up to two years. This feature is useful in evaluating the productivity of individual machines.
  • Monitoring : Can also be hooked on to a central computer which can monitor the operation of multiple machines as well as to enable data transfer and storage.

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