Dry Processing

Dry processing is after completion of wet process and parchment dried either by Sun light or Mechanical Dryer. The ripe cherry after sun drying can also be taken in to dry processing equipments. Huller is used to process dry cherry whereas Peeler & Polisher is used for dry parchment.

Dry processing line involves the following machinery

  • Precleaner Cum Destoner
  • Huller or Peeler & Polisher (Huller for Dry Cherry & Peeler Polisher for Dry Parchment)
  • Catador
  • Silo
  • Flat deck grader (Vibro type)
  • Gravity Separator (Densimetric table)
  • Colour Sorter
  • Roaster
  • Grinder
  • Blending
  • Packing
Nandi Technology