Coffee Roasters

Nandhi coffee roasters achieve gentle, optimal product movement through precise, user-friendly controls. Our proven, configurable technologies provide the versatility and efficiency needed to meet your distinct requirements. Available in a variety of capacity options, our specialty and commercial coffee roasters can accommodate any type of bean regardless of origin, roasting profile and desired coffee preparation method.

Nandhi coffee roasters are easy to use and maintain, the drum roasters vary in capacity and level of control. Each environmentally friendly machine delivers uniform roasts through gentle processing and efficient mixing.

Coffee Grinders

Nandhi Coffee Grinder range is modular, allowing us to cater for absolutely every need. Our compact one-, two- or three-stage grinders all work according to the gradual grinding principle, are highly economical. Efficient cleaning systems to prevent product deposits, special protective mechanisms to keep foreign bodies from entering the grinding gap, large, water-cooled grinding rolls and the rugged design of our grinders ensure trouble-free and low wear continuous operation, a long service life and low life cycle costs.

Blending Machine

Nandhi Coffee Blending Machine Owing to our profound experience in the industry, we have been able to offer our customers with Coffee Blending Machine. These blending machines comes in ball shape design which ensures an effective amalgamation of coffee power, chicory power and other ingredients. Our blending machine are used in various food processing industries. Our offering of blending machines are in high demand by our clients for it superior built and long lasting nature.

Blending Machine

We've put our expert knowledge in humidity measurement and calibration into the development of our wide range of moisture meters, designed to meet the requirements of demanding Coffee industry application.

Nandhi Moisture meters are used in
  • Dry Cherry
  • Dry Parchment
  • Green Coffee Advanced technology is the key to fast heating and precise temperature control for unsurpassed precision with highly reliable results in the shortest possible time.