Coffee Dry Processing Machinery

Precleaner and Destoner Combined system

Our pre-cleaner combined destoner is suitable for cleaning and screening of coffee. Removes stones, leaves, sticks and unwanted materials in the coffee. Destoner is suitable for removing stones in the coffee. Operated by vibrating mechanism with two vibro motors and classification achieved by different screens. Each screen layer consists of 2 screen parts and all screens are rubber ball cleaned. Combined with aspiration system. The machine is complete with fixed speed drive and motor. Available in different capacity according to customer needs.

Peeler and Polisher

Nandhi Technologies Peeler and Polisher for treating dry parchment of any kind. Its special feature is the gentle yet complete "blunt hulling" ability, effected by the fluted broad hulli and completed by friction under pressure of the coffee inside the cylinder. In this manner the much appreciated polishing effect is achieved.

The cylinder is made of cast iron. The top and bottom of liners in the machine is grooved by moulding and are embedded in the casing of the cylinder. The sides of the machine are made of steel and, unlike cast iron, will not fracture. The shafts are pivoted on precision ball bearings. The hulling shaft is operated by an electric motor and a multiple-grooved V-belt drive. The ventilator is run by its own directly coupled motor. Driving elements for operating by internal-combustion engines or by transmission are available


Nandhi Coffee Hullers are extremely efficient in hulling both parchment and dry cherry coffee. Reduced friction between beans prevents generation of dust and results in minimum loss of good product due to breakage of the beans. Coffee is fed through the hulling cylinder. The hulling takes place between the hulling blade and blade fitted in the cylinder. Blower is provided to separate the husk and peels from the coffee beans.


Efficient : Higher output with lower power consumption.

Less wastage :No loss due to generation of coffee dust or breakage of beans.

Durable : Four times reversible wear resistant hulling blades provided.

Easy maintenance :Quick change of hulling blades and perforated screens possible.

Reliable :Individual motor drives provided for trouble free performance.

Note : Machine specifications subject to change due to innovations in design.

Gravity separator

Nandhi Technologies Gravity Separator may be used to separate any type of dry bulk particles that are similar in size and shape but differs in weight. These Gravity separators offer many advantages over competing products. The patented multiple fan system in individually adjustable, giving the necessary control through different air settings to accomplish the accurate weighing necessary. Nandhi Technologies Gravity Separator is the most flexible, reliable and versatile machine on the world market, and is designed for wheat, coffee, seeds, spices, sesame, groundnut and other products.

They can be used effectively to remove partially eaten, immature and broken seeds to ensure maximum quality of the final product. They may be used to separate and standardize coffee, peanuts, corn, peas, rice, wheat, sesame and other food grains. These Gravity Separators have a rectangular deck so that the product travels a longer distance resulting in cleaner separation of light and heavy particles and the lowest percentage of middling.


Nandhi Flat Deck Vibro Grader can be used for grading grains by virtue of their size. The inclination of the screens, stroke and the angle of throw are adjustable, resulting in perfect and uniform classification. Can be used for a wide variety of grading applications such as for coffee, peanuts, corn, beans, peas etc.

  • Easy and quick change of sieves possible.
  • Automatic cleaning of screens by means of rubber balls.
  • Drive by means of vibrators mounted in the centre of the machine.


Nandhi supply Bucket elevators for different heights depend on the capacity required for the user. We prefer Nylon buckets for food processing material and metal buckets for other non food processing. Our Bucket elevators are strong and rigid in construction. Dump hopper are optional fitted with the elevator

Color Sorter

Nandhi Color Sorter is a versatile multi-purpose color sorting machine like grain color sorter, rice color sorter that gives you better efficiency and greater sorting accuracy.

  • Microprocessor Based : Microprocessor based Roller Feed Machine.
  • Three Way Scanning : Multi-mode scanning enables all round viewing of coffee beans or other grains resulting in better quality of accepted & rejected product.
  • Hybrid Signal Conditioning : This allows ultra fast and reliable signal processing.
  • Auto Nulling : Automatic adjustment against varying light intensity and background changes.
  • Memory :All operating data is stored in non-volatile "NV PROM" for up to two years. This feature is useful in evaluating the productivity of individual machines.
  • Monitoring : Can also be hooked on to a central computer which can monitor the operation of multiple machines as well as to enable data transfer and storage.